• 8 November 2022
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oke heel even in het engels


hi im Blaze im 14 years old and im in the third year of atheneum tto. i dont think im going to make this year i have more insuficients then suficients. im struggeling. but the thing is i dont want to get away from my class nor do i want to go to havo. its hard because i have talked about this before but everyone tells me to go to my parents or mentor but the thing is i dont have the curage to do that and theyre not the best people to talk to. i dont really need advice right now but i just want to share my expiriences


when i was in elementary school i was told i think when i was in group 5 that i can do more then what i am doing. i also got an IQ test at that time which gave me the highest of average. from then on out i didnt pay much mind to it bc i was doing fine in school and there was no big deal. barely had to study. it was mostly easy for me apart from making friends. then i went to highschool i started doing things on my own level and things became harder i almost didnt pass 1st year. then 2nd year things became even harder i went through some rough times with toxic friends which i ended getting out of. barelly passed that year aswell. 


now back to this year. most of my insuficients have been around threes or fours so it hasnt been great i havent told  much to my parents so they dont know much. but its been hard and im done with it because people still tell me that i can do better then i am doing and its very frustrating 

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