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  • 25 March 2023
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Reputatie 2

Een paar dagen geleden heb ik dit kleine stukje engelse rijmende tekst geschreven (nou ja de meeste delen dan), ik wou het graag ergens delen, maar in alle eerlijkheid is het wat cliché en met enigzins slechte woordenschat geschreven. Maar ja, daarvoor is dit forum tenslotte anoniem. Hier is het dan:

For some odd reason I took a look at the clouds today. In the sunshine of almost may. All was silent. And for once the workers stopped building their houses violent. I've never had the wish to die, nor will I. However in that moment of perfect silence and a blue sky, I realised if I'd ever go, it should be here infront  of something so immersive it couldn't possibly ly. And then I reached the train station. And the sounds of men came crashing down again, in their endless formation. A beauty of it's own. But on that street I couldn't help but feel alone. Because I could only be in one world at a time. A man like me can't cross that sacred line. Well and I reached the train and finally I entered the world of machines. Back on the other end of two extremes. Couldn't give a damn about the blue sky when I took a look outside. Neh I was already pleased with the train's formal white. 


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